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As most of you are aware, Dr. Sachi Brittin relocated to the East Coast in mid May. Dr. Jeffery Brittin will be retiring at the end of September 2015. Due to these changes we will no longer be accepting new patients.

This was an incredibly difficult decision and we are both very grateful and honored for the opportunity to have been your providers. Thank you for your understanding and we wish you all the best.


Thank you for allowing us to serve the West Seattle community.

Dr. Jeffery Brittin has enjoyed being your provider for over 18 years and Dr. Sachi Brittin was privileged to be a part of this practice as well. After careful consideration we have made the difficult decision to close Brittin Family Medicine.


(206) 937-5356

Dr. Jeff has been my doctor for many years. Now his daughter Dr. Sachi, is there to help. If you want great care, these are the folks!

– John B.

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